A one-of-a-kind hospitality consulting firm specializing in branding, sales, marketing and revenue strategy for businesses of any size, in any stage.

With a last name that translates to “warrior,” Melvin Guerrieri was born into a long tradition of fighting for the best—in every possible sense. He launched WARRIOR in 2018: an elite New York City-based hospitality consultancy with the inspired, results-oriented ethos honed over 20+ years of high-level directing jobs within the industry. Employing a learned approach that’s intuitive yet always strategic, WARRIOR provides forward-thinking solutions to launch, steer, and elevate brands of all sizes.

There is no firm with comparable breadth of experience: building relevant brands, updating struggling brands, managing burgeoning brands and everything in between. Our intuitive, hands-on style helps brands execute on people, performance and product. We keep top line performance front of mind, while knowing that fiscal responsibility drives profitability on the bottom line. Intelligent strategy is our forte, and direct management is how we will lead you to success.